Bea Ingranaggi, pignoni corone e pulegge

more than 50 years experience.

Bea Ingranaggi SpA, founded in 1960, is the acknowledged leader in the production and distribution of power transmission components.

Our wide range of products finds application in many industries including automotive, mechanical engineering, agriculture, packaging, conveyors, textiles, food processing, machinery for wood, marble and glass.


Bea Ingranaggi Cremagliere e giunti torsionali

The success is the result of our flexibility and ability to evolve

in the context of extremely dynamic and changing market and especially the extreme quality of service provided to our customers, the latter value that drives the entire business.

Bea Ingranaggi is an international brand: in addition to domestic and European markets, we have developed our business in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America.

We can guarantee our customers an high standard of service and timely deliveries having the capability to ship from the central warehouse, which spread over an area of 15.000 sqm, but also from two additional warehouses located in Bologna and Padua, as well as from our subsidiaries in France and Spain.


Consistently with our philosophy we guarantee the best quality of both standard and special products, whether they are manufactured or imported. The certifications IQNET and IGQ for ISO 9001 are further confirmation of this company value.