Custom-made services

to guarantee quality and reliability in delivery

Identified by flexibility

In addition to the wide range of standard items offered in catalogue, Bea Ingranaggi provides the opportunity to customize them according to customer specifications or create new items at its Mornago production site.
The machinery inventory, equipped with CNC and loaders, ensures above-average speed and manufactury efficiency.

We ensure quality and speed

trough our technical office, able to evaluate and design, together with the customer, the fulfilment of special components designed for multiple application sector, and thanks to the control laboratory, equipped with the latest technologies.

In addition we can also create different kind of items for special applications, and manage Kanban orders, arranging the pick up on the basis of the customer needs, guaranteeing a fast delivery service.

Production department

Thanks to the experience of our operators and to CNC equipped machineries with loaders, we ensure high-level production capacity. In addition to the production of gear, sprockets, pulleys and plate wheels we provide holes turning, broaching, clamp systems for crankshaft, surface and heat treatments, chain cutting, grinding, cutting belts at special heights on request, the latter carried out in the Villafranca Padovana branch, guaranteeing prompt deliveries and a high quality standard.

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